Dragway Productions was created in July 2010.

Based in Paris (France), the company’s first ever film was a crazy entreprise, a totally independent film directed by Pascal Rocteur in insane conditions and called “Zero Zero Belge“. This absurd comedy was acclaimed and awarded in festivals in France, Germany and Italy and the film was later acquired by RTL-Tvi for television broadcast in Belgium and by US based distribution company Leomark.

The company’s second work was a short movie, surrealist, directed by young artist Ariane Boukerche, called Alices which also toured in festivals worldwide and was awarded in Italy.

In the meantime, Dragway Productions co-produced a documentary called “Black Box”,  the story of a creation from Cirque du Soleil’s former famous director, Franco Dragone on a show he created from scratch in Macao, China. Vincent Fournier co-directed the documentary with young talented multi-artist Looka Loopa.

So after only two years of existence, Dragway Productions had already touched three different film genres and formats : long feature fiction comedy, short & documentary. 

After almost 10 years on the market, Dragway has now produced or co-produced 8 films. Recent works include Landscapes, our most ambitious and successful work so far and Djimat, another documentary with transmission through living arts as main subject and ultravoKal, our second feature.

Independence is the key word for Dragway Productions which has NEVER EVER received any funds for any of its productions to date. Not that we don’t want though…​

The company is always looking for new challenges so don’t hesitate, if you are independent in spirit, to get in touch with us.